Carolyn HansEn Sato 

Theme-Based Sculptor


Who Am I?  Why Do I Create What I Do?

I'm an artist who feels human beings Celebrate Life most deeply when we Connect to our Source, search for and discover the Treasure Within us, then Follow our Hearts and Ride our Waves until our spirit blossoms, takes flight, and is reborn (Rebirthed Flight).


                                Celebrate Life (31.5" H)

                        Connecting to Source (24" H)

                                Treasure Within (18.5" H)

                              Follow Your Heart (4.25" H)

                          Ride Your Waves (10.5" H)

                             Rebirthed FLight (26.25" H)

I am a bronze artist who has been drawn to sculpt themes--themes aimed at uplifting the human spirit and focusing our attention on what is universally important in life and worthy of manifesting.  I use stylized animals; birds; botanicals (especially roots and imaginary flowers); other elements of nature (waves, fire); people; symbols; or free-flowing forms to convey such themes as--

LOVE:  Love Blooms and can last forever (Infinite Kiss  Miniature );


                               Love Blooms (10.5" H)

                           Infinite Kiss Miniature (4.5" H)

CONNECTEDNESS:  Embraced Treasure Flow of Life Miniature , Flow of Life Master ;

                       Embraced Treasure (26.5" H)

                        Follow of Life Miniature (14.5" H)

                        Follow of Life Master (30" H)

INNER-SELF RADIANCE:  Follow Your Heart Miniature (Follow your heart and it will lead to the gem inside you.), Treasure Within (Beyond the masculine and feminine attributes woven into each individual is a gorgeous treasure, a gem, waiting to be revealed and to shine.);

             Follow Your Miniature Heart (4.25" H)

                             Treasure Within (18.5" H)

REJUVENATION:  Thriving , Firebird Rises; GROWTH/CREATIVITY:  Seeds Go Forth. . . .;

                                        Thriving (14" H)

                               Firebird Rises (25" H)

                         Seeds Go Forth (5.75" H)

and PROTECTION (Spirit Guardians, Celestial Voyage .

                            Spirit Guardians (12" H)

                           Celestial Voyage (13.5" H)

I'm a heavy-metal sculptor who delights in making bronzes look ethereal and cheerful (Celebrate Life, Flow of Life) and who enjoys merging free-flowing, organic forms of nature with precision-orientation and the challenging feats of engineering my amazing foundry artisans strive to meet (Rebirthed FlightConnecting to Source).

                 Celebrate Life (31.5" H)

             Flow of LIfe Master (30" H)

                Rebirthed Flight (27.5" H)

               Connecting to Source (24" H)

I'm an outside-of-the-traditional-bronze-box sculptor whose Roots of Inspiration stem and Burst Forth from the beauty of nature (Earthbloom, Connecting to Source); the mystical connectedness of all things in the Universe (Costa Rican Lifeforce, Earth and Sky); and the divine voice heard in silence, prayer, and meditation (Soulflight (a labyrinth can be a meditative tool.))  

                         Roots of Inspiration (37" H)

                         Bursting Forth (10.25" H)

                                         Earthbloom (39" H)

                      Connecting to Source (Head: 10" H)

                               Costa Rican Lifeforce (23.5" H)

                                 Earth and Sky (18" H) 

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Soulflight (21" H)  

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Soulflight (21" H)  

I'm a rebel-at-heart artist who loves to offer clients truly unique sculptures with truly unique features that have rarely if ever been tried before:  sculptures that blend gemstones with metal, that superimpose line on form, that allow the viewer to see deeper layers of the piece the more often it's viewed, and that offer creative patina combinations by three of the most phenomenal patina artists in the United States.   

                            Embraced Treasure (26.5" H) 

                                Polar Ice Cap:  Legacy (7" H) 

                                Polar Ice Cap:  Legacy (7" H) 

                                 Earth and Sky (18" H)

I'm a "come-full-circle" artist who began creating with clay in college as an art major; spent six years studying Ceramics and Asian art while living in Japan; raised children, received a Master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and taught foreign business executives for many years at Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management in Glendale, Arizona; then shifted my energy to Following my Heart; sculpting from, to, and about the soul (Faces of Night); and adding newness to the world (Faces of Night).  

                      Follow Your Heart Master (8" H)

                           Faces of Night Master (34" H)

                       Faces of Night Miniature (13" H)

I'm a person who knows the importance of seeking one's bliss; exploring one's paths with openness and curiosity; and living the adage "Where there's a will, there's a way":  My kitchen is my studio; my family room is my office; and I strive to inspire others to explore their own creativity, purpose, and road--even if that road is challenging, frightful, and less traveled than others. 

                                                                                                   My Refrigerator in the Summer

                                           My Refrigerator in the Summer

                                                          Celestial Voyage (13.5" H)

And finally, I'm an award-winning artist whose sculptures grace homes and businesses throughout the United States.  My patrons and fans "love my sculptures," say they make them smile; and find them "breathtaking," "magnificent," "beautiful," "stunning," uplifting," imaginative," "clever," "refreshingly unique in a sea of the same," "amazing," "way cool," and "inspiring;"  My clients also say such flattering things as my new Australian favorite:  "I am gobsmacked.  What fantastic art.  Every now and again someone with talent comes along and you have it in spades.  Your art is world class."